Wednesday, September 17, 2008

9/17 Wed. Check In

Wednesdays are/were my weigh in days for Weight Watchers, so I'll continue that here. I'm still currently a paying member of Weight Watchers Online, but I plan on being able to do this on my own some day.

Weight- 120
Stayed the same. Yay! I was a little worried, since I finally started exercising and added back 4 points for maintenance. But no gain!

Things to work on-

-continue getting up early to work out.
-finding new lunch choices

I have been bringing Bentos for lunch, they just haven't looked much different then the first one so no pics. I need to find/make some new foods. I found a recipe for corn dog muffins, that I may try.

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Anonymous said...


Love the picture of the GORP. I actually bought the stuff to make some last week and will do so today since I am home.