Friday, September 12, 2008

My first Bento

My first Bento! What fun. It's probably been over a year since I first heard of Bento lunches and did all sorts of research and was going to try them. LOL I guess it's good it only took me a year? Or maybe learning portion control on WW helped give me the final push. Bento lunches are tradionally Japanese, with a rice base. Mine will probably not follow that and contain healthy stuff. *grin* The idea of them though is small portions arranged pretty in little containers. You can buy actual Bento lunch box stuff, but I went the cheapo route. The big container is just a throw away divided plastic container, I think by Reynolds? The blue and green containers are those silicone muffin cups, they're flexible so you can mix and match and make them fit.

Pita is chicken salad with a couple cuke slices, then I have cukes, carrots, grapes and trail mix to go with it. I also have a can of soup that I'll probably enjoy along with it.

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Bravie said...

I have those cupcake holders. *grin* They suck as far as cupcakes go so I'm glad you have given me a use for them.