Sunday, October 5, 2008

Football Sunday Food

It's been cold here, so time for stews, chili and soups. So today I have cooking-

Meaty Chili- in crockpot

- big can of diced tomatoes
- tomato sauce
- 1lb ground beef
- chopped onion
- cut up leftover pork roast
- one lonely can of chili beans (Phil isn't big on beans and wanted meaty chili)
- lots of chili powder

Zero Point Veggie Soup- on stove top

- jar of homemade canned tomatoes
- diced zucchini
- diced summer squash
- sliced fresh mushrooms
- chopped onion
- packet of Savory Italian Herb mix

Rotel Dip- in small dip sized crockpot

-one package Jennie-O turkey breakfast sausage links, browned and chopped up
- 8oz low fat cream cheese brick
- can of Rotel- drained

I have baked Tostito scoops to go with that. We're also going to have fat free hotdogs with light hot dog buns. mmmmm I'm going to stuff my face today!

(The Rotel Dip comes from the crockpot lady at A Year of Crockpotting.)

1 comment:

Bravie said...

Aren't you a busy little girl. All sounds yummy. I think I will avoid anything chilli today. *giggle*