Wednesday, March 4, 2009

3/4 Check-In

1 year ago today, I joined WW online. Today my subscription ended, I did not reup for another month. I'm on my own now. Well not really on my own, I have all the tools.

So now I start a new journey to see if what I learned stuck. Wish me luck!

Weigh in this morning and up to 115. I expected a gain since I finally got my lazy butt up in the morning and exercised a couple times. Weather has still prevented me from running though. I am so sick of this cold nasty weather. I need spring to get here soon.


Bravie said...

Good luck. Although you don't need it because I know you will do great. You've learned all of the tools and you'll have no problem.

Anonymous said...

Dito Carey.

Good Job!