Wednesday, December 3, 2008

12/3 After Thanksgiving Check-In

I ate for Thanksgiving, oh and a couple drinks too. mmmmm pomegrate martinis mmmmmmmmmm yummy

I had sweet potatoes, turkey, sausage stuffing and pumpkin roll for Thanksgiving. mmmmm pumpkin roll mmmmmmmmmmm Thank goodness for the lowfat recipe. I think I ate pumpkin roll once or twice a day since last Thursday. Seriously.

Oh and some rum and diet cokes last Wednesday night. Our local bar on the corner reopened, had to check it out.

So what's the verdict? 116, down three pounds. Seriously. *shrug* My body likes fuel. I need to remember that!


Bravie said...

Skinny bitch.

Buggy said...

LOL @ Carey!

Protein, lowfat protein when you need fuel.
Sounds like you are taking care of yourself, healthy feels good ( I remember it)

Go Breezy, Go Breezy!

Breezy said...

Hey Buggy! Yep 2008 is ending with me being very healthy. I hope to keep the trend up in 2009.