Sunday, December 7, 2008

12/7 Football Food

Got recipes today! Yay!

In the crock pot, Potato Soup. mmmmmmm is it yummy.

1 bag frozen shredded potatoes
3 cans fat free chicken broth
1 package country gravy

Mix all together and let simmer on low 4-5 hours. I add a package of diced lean ham to ours. mmmmmm Very good soup, and great on this extremely cold day.

1 cup= 1 point

No dip today.

The dessert I'm going to try baking today is a Betty Crocker recipe for Chai Latte cupcakes that I'm going to alter for WW.

1 box French Vanilla cake mix
12 oz Sprite Zero
3 TBS chai latte mix

Bake on 350 for 18-23 minutes. I'll let you know how these turn out after P gets back with my cupcake liners.

ETA- mmmmmm chai latte cupcakes, I love them. P thinks they need frosting. For 2 points a piece I like them fine just the way they are.


Bravie said...

I'm attempting to make a homemade chicken pot pie. I'm cheating on the crust and using Bisquick but the rest I am doing from scratch. Peas, carrots, onion, potato and chicken. Using fat free cream of chicken soup as the gravy.

Breezy said...

If you put it in the crockpot, vent the top so the crust bakes up and doesn't get soggy.

Bravie said...

I did it in the oven. It was fantastic. Michelle loved it. I didn't have the soup so I had to make gravy from a bouillan cube, water and flour.