Sunday, October 25, 2009

Autumn Sausage & Veggie Melody

-5-6 chicken or turkey sausage links. (I used garlic and mozz flavored chicken sausages)
-1/2 package of mushrooms
-potatoes 1-2 medium brown ones or equivalent.
-few stalks of celery
-some baby carrots
-some brocolli
-some cauliflower
(the amount of veggies really doesn't matter, use what you have in the house.)
-2 cups chicken broth

The Directions:
Cut all veggies into 2 inch pieces. Layer in crockpot from denser to less dense veggies. Top with cut up sausage and pour broth over. Cook on low 8 hours, high on 4.

No spices needed, the spice from the sausage flavors the dish. So use your favorite spiced sausage.

ETA- DBF didn't like this, I loved it. The cooked cauliflower overtakes this, which DBF does not like. Next time I'll try different veggies.

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