Wednesday, April 15, 2009

4/15 Check-In and Vanity Goal

Weighed in this morning at 116, down 1. So still maintaining. Yay! Considering I wasn't totally good this past week. Onion rings at Red Robin... mmmmmmmmm But again, WW really is all about portion control. I can have things like the best onion rings in the world at Red Robin, just don't over eat on them. Eat a few, normally around 3, savor them... and my life is good.

My vanity goal? And it is totally vain, I want to get the belly pooch down so it doesn't hang over my bikini bottoms. Course that would mean I buy a new bikini. I tried some on with Ayla last weekend, but was upset about the belly pooch so didn't buy any. All of my old suits are too big, so I will need a new one when we open the pool. I was also wondering last night, if any of my summer clothes will fit. *sigh* I may have to go shopping again. I hate shopping.

The 3Day is becoming my life. Well sort of. It really is a bigger commitment than I initially thought. But I'm enjoying it so far. Saturday I'm going to a Getting Started Meeting in GR. I've been doing long walks on the weekend, and think about fundraising constantly. I have friends here looking for venues for me to have the quilt raffle.... and just helping brainstorm. I'm currently 40% of the way on fundraising. I would love to be all done fundraising by July, so July I can just concentrate on the training portion. I want to finish the walk! I want to be able to walk all 60 miles!!!

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