Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Check In 4/29

Up one to 117, still doing well maintaining. Yay me!

Here's my Week 15 Training Schedule

Countdown: 15 WeeksYour Training Schedule for This Week:
Tuesday-3 miles, Easy walking
Wednesday-15 minutes, Easy cross-training
Thursday-5 miles, Moderate walking
Friday-30 minutes, Easy cross-training
Saturday-6 miles, Easy walking
Sunday-5 miles, Easy walking

I've signed up for area training walks for Saturday and Sunday. Saturday's is after an Outfitter's Clinic at a New Balance store in GR. They're giving us walkers 25% off, I may buy a pair of walking shoes. I have one spot that my running shoes rub on and they say your gait is very different between running and walking. We'll see.

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