Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Check-In 5/20

WI this morning and up one to 118. I ate nachos, bar nachos. I'm lucky it was only one pound, although I could keep going up this week. Because I ate nachos, bar nachos. LOL And they were good and I only ate half of my plate, didn't over stuff myself.

Here's this weeks training schedule.

Countdown: 12 Weeks
Your Training Schedule for This Week:

Monday-Rest Walked 3 miles during DD's softball practice
Tuesday-3 miles, Easy walking Did Shred and worked in garden
Wednesday-15 minutes, Moderate cross-training Will walk 5 miles during DD's softball practice
Thursday-5 miles, Moderate walking
Friday-30 minutes, Easy cross-training
Saturday-10 miles, Easy walking
Sunday-6 miles, Easy walking

I've mixed up the days some, DD started softball practice on Mon & Wed so walking during those. Also I have a hair appointment Thursday so wouldn't have time for my walk.

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