Wednesday, January 14, 2009

1/14 Check-In

Not feeling well again today. This cold weather has zapped me. -7 with the windchill today and I have to drive north to client's this morning.

I'm back up a pound to 114 this week. Adding the peanut butter and english muffin to my breakfast or a snack was a good idea.

I haven't worked out since Sunday when I tried to do a run and only did 20 minutes. I felt better the last two days, so I was going to get up today and workout. But when the alarm went off if felt like I had an elephant on my chest (and no it wasn't P *snort*) and my head was pounding.

I had planned on starting the exercise tv two weeks new you plan. You can download the schedule on and then the shows are on onDemand (if you have Comcast). I guess we'll see how I feel tomorrow morning.

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