Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Check In 7/15

Up one to 118, not bad for having Chicago pizza and hotdogs over the weekend.

I know I haven't posted any recipes lately, my summer weekends have been sooooo busy! Right now I don't have any plans (other than some long training walks, more on those later). I think I'll be doing cowboy beans in the crockpot to go with grilled hamburgers, so there should be a recipe this Sunday!

Countdown: 4 Weeks
Your Training Schedule for This Week:

Monday- Rest
Tuesday- 5 miles, Easy walking
Wednesday- 45 minutes, Moderate cross-training
Thursday- 6 miles, Moderate walking
Friday- 45 minutes, Easy cross-training
Saturday- 10 miles, Easy walking
Sunday- 8 miles, Easy walking

Ok Saturday and Sunday last week were supposed to be my really long walks, 18/15 (I even get a sticker for completing those!). Those didn't happen since I was in Chicago with family. Vanessa from CoconutStrutters is having those training walks this weekend though (she's walking MI which is the week after Chicago, so her training schedule is one week off of mine). I'm hoping to join them for atleast one of the days. I also hope to do a really long walk in the Keens, to see if they will work. They were awesome wandering around Chicago for three days, but we didn't do major walk sessions. LOL Well 6 miles isn't tooo major, Mom.

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